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Mission Statement


We aspire to be the most trusted source of information exchange in the African media.

Mission Statement & Manifesto

Conventional political or economic institutions and media outlets have yet to provide an unbiased forum where individuals can discuss crucial issues and exchange information that bubbles to center stage within Africa. Our mission is to provide a forum that facilitates candid, crucial and open conversations about what's happening in Africa. Kenya Dialogue seeks to facilitate civil, evidence-based discussions about all aspects of African life, and in the process, generate ideas that will positively impact the future of our nation.


  1. Raise awareness among the population We seek to fill a critical information gap by providing a platform for discussing and disseminating under-reported facts and analyses, whilst providing an educational forum for those interested and engaged in the future of Africa. We believe this should be every African.
  2. Host a civil discussion This website is a space where issues about Africa can be debated in a civil manner. Through the encouragement of evidence-based reasoning, logical arguments and thought provoking exchange, we aim to host discussions with a depth and breadth absent from the traditional media and current political discourse.
  3. Generate feedback, insights and intellectual constructive debates in a transparent manner We believe that issues such as democracy, oil and politics, just to mention a few, can be openly and honestly debated. Kenya Dialogue harnesses the fast pace of Internet social sharing with the time-tested traditions of typical blog commentaries in a hope to generate true insight, questions and ideas that other citizens and decision-makers can take to the next level.
  4. Create a global information community working towards a better future for Africa We seek to leverage the open nature of the Internet to create a global forum, providing everyone a voice into discussions involving issues, problems and solutions that will sway the future of Africa. Your participation is welcomed - if not necessary - for the improvement of our country's future. The assemblage of facts on a global scale is a powerful tool to advance the understanding of what is currently a major challenge for all Africans.

How it works

  • As a member, you can start a discussion thread or ask a question.
  • The question feature allows you to ask a question and receive responses from various users, finally accepting a 'best answer' from among them. You can do this by going to your profile and accepting the answer you like. This encourages others to post, get voted up and also build a reputation.
  • Topics range from Lifestyle to Politics and include both question and discussion posts.
  • Apart from main discussion topics, you can also post classified ads regarding jobs, housing and more.
  • All registered members can add comments and respond to your question(s).
  • To enrich your discussions and drive home your points, you can attach images and videos.
  • You can also share photos and videos from a wide range of external networks, as well as upload your own personal media.
  • Creation of profiles and an automatically integrated activity page, similar to a social networking site, is provided.
  • You can also send private messages and personally share topics with one another, forming connections while creating discussions.
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